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App doesn’t work

I have downloaded the app for my son since he does BMX. Ultimately looking for sponsors but we can’t get the app working though.

I wish this app was better!

I really like the concept here, and I've gotten sponsors and good discounts thru Hookit. I've been using the service for years, since it was called Sponsorhouse. But the app is just terrible. It's so frustrating to use, and there's so many specific UX fails that I could point out, but why even bother? The app was last updated THREE YEARS AGO. Sad!

Unreliable - little to no support

This app, while incredibly well intentioned, doesn’t deliver over the long-haul. The companies are stuck at about 75. Some great, some not so great. Guess this would be the case with any similar service. What makes this service and app fall short is; it’s reliability is awful. For the past two weeks the app just spins when trying to maneuver through the app. 100% sends an email to apply and you click the link and it doesn’t open the app or website but spins and spins. Sadly this problem just continues and your ability to seek help is non-existent. Linking social media feeds is poor as well. While it’s premise is a great. The execution is not.

Needs major update

Please update this app so we can actually use it

Always room for improvements

Love the Hookit program. The social media side is great. Just wish the app would run faster and you could delete multiple messages at a time.

You need to update how you post past race results

I love this app and I get a lot of help through it but it shouldn’t be that hard to post past race results. When I look up certain races that I’ve attended in the previous year it brings up various races from multiple years ago.

Annoying pop up

What’s up with this annoying Instagram pop up? I can’t use the app at all because of it.

Takes points away that you've earned

They take points away that you have worked hard to earn. If it's off season or you have injuries it doesn't matter they take your points. Costmer service is non existent. I called and emailed several times about contingencies and log in problems with no return calls and a email returned a month and a half later with no further correspondence.

New update doesn't work.

I can't login, I open app and it's stuck at "Instagram data policies Change".

App is not working

What up? App you can’t sign into. Can’t sign into Website.

Really needs a update

I love this app, but it’s been so long that it has had a update that it’s being really slow now and doesn’t load some parts of the app. Please update it hookit, thanks.

App not working!

Hey guys I can’t sign in to Hookit. There’s a instagram new terms page that pops up when I try and sign in and I can’t close it or anything. Hopefully you can fix it soon. Thanks


I was able to use the entire app and the next thing I know I to get premium to see my improvements and such 😠

Ride Days

I love this app! Really helps me out a lot when it comes to good deals on gear and stuff for my bike! I love the sport of motocross and this app really helps me grow and get better by getting sponsors. I love the app but I wish you could delete ride days. About 3 years ago I put down Jandebuers Motosports Park on my ride days and I accidentally put the location down as my address so it’s always there. Sometimes it will see I’m at my house and automatically put down a ride day on days I’m not riding and it says on one of my ride days I rode for 20 hours. Have no clue how that happened! I love this app and I really like how the team does there best to improve the app! Hoping this review works and makes the team update the app so you can delete ride days you don’t want on your feed! Thanks for reading in advance! #teamhookit #motocross

Photo upload problem iPhone 7 running ios 11

Hello, every time I try to upload images on my profile, it says “error, please try again in a few minutes”, I also tried on a MacBook Pro and the same result occurred, please help, thanks.

Great app

Executive app works perfectly



Long overdue for an update

I love the app, however it needs an update to improve the overall functionality and make it easier for users to operate.

Won't launch

It's a good service to connect athletes with sponsors. The app is kinda lousy. Slow to load, and now, it won't load at all telling me there is no connection.

It works ok

The app has some glitches that can get really annoying like the fact that it won't connect to my YouTube account. Also in some of the brands applications they have glitches. This app really needs an update like maybe more features.


No matter if I'm in the app or on the website, I will not let me link my Facebook account to Hookit!


Great idea... The app needs an update tho. I would like to see a simpler layout / menu style to make it easier to navigate. Also want to see more information with the strava logs like how many miles were done and records for some segments. This app has potential for sure..

It's great but only works about 20% of the time.

It won't let me complete my bio. It crashes a lot. Half the time it won't even open. The program is great when it actually works butt it needs a lot of debugging.


This app is great and helps me out a lot. Their is a few bugs like can't download, and when writing status updates it will be frustrating but it helps so much.

Potential for an awesome app

Disregard the negative reviews, I think Hookit's purpose to create an app to help athletes is a great thing to help them keep track. It may have some flaws, but with some time it will become a very beneficial app!

Great team

Good app with a very understanding and nice staff. I recommend the app!

Needs work, but I still use it

I like hookit. I use the sponsorship aspects and like the session and other features. But it's really glitchy. You need to be patient. Please hookit, fix the bugs in this app!! I would love to give it 5 stars!

Needs an update

Still can't post photos and it crashes a lot. Please fix

Crashes on every use

App is awful. Crashes every time I try to navigate away from the opening screen. Reinstalled app but it still crashes. Fix this before wasting anyone's time

It would be good if it would let u sign up

Won't let you sing up so just pisses u off!

Doesn't work

I downloaded the app and deleted it 4 times and it's not working. When I try to open the app I get an error message that blames my connection even with full signal and a strong Wifi.


Please update it! Works good when it actually does. Needs bug fixes and I cannot view my profile! It says error. Please update it!!!

Great useful tool for all athletes!!!

This app isn’t only great for obtaining extra support as an athlete but also for tracking your progression. I can track how often I ride while at the same time I can find new places to ride. It’s also fun to compare your score with the people you ride with!

This app is great

This helped me get sponsored and the more I did for them the more they did for me

0 stars

absolute junk. It won't even let me sign it. website is great but the app is terrible cause I can't sign in

Lots of issues but big help

There are TONS of bugs and issues with simple things like a new page not opening when selecting an icon and typing. But overall hookit as a whole is very helpful!


This app is honestly just pathetic... i would zero star it if i could. When trying to register on the app my location could not be found no matter what i typed in, and i 100% typed it in correctly multiple different times. Also, the app will not allow me to sign in, if i want to sign in i have to go on my lap top to do it. Whoever made this app is a failure, this is just pathetic....

Good but...

It's pretty cool and it gives you bragging rights "I got sponsored" but they aren't real sponsors. It's cool if you just want discounts on cool stuff...go pro...smith optics...that kind of stuff. It's annoying though because I snowmobile and during the summer my score plummets. They should have s pause button for when your sports not in season or you get injured.

Couldn't have raced without it

Seriously this app was a savior for my family and I this year. Couldn't have raced without it. Thanks Hookit!!!

Making me mad

I really like the app and the program and what it does but every time I go to type my bio it won't let me type and i have to restart the whole thing and im starting to get irritated

Kind of glitchy and not many anglers but I'm hopeful it'll improve

The app doesn't let me "give props" and logging new Spots gives me errors occasionally, but I'm sticking with it. The concept of the app/website is pretty cool. With a little fine tuning I think it could be great.


It's good but you should have a setting on there in case you get injured so your score doesn't drop

Use the website

Developer clearly has no idea how to write an app. Does not remember me, ever. Cannot find a race. Half the stuff I enter just gets lost. The website is a bit better.


App gets stuck thinking every few minutes. Most the time won't even open. Last update I lost most my info and all my previous sessions were deleted.

Bad bugs needs update

Really love hookit and love the new app but it needs some serious fixing. If all the bugs can be fixed everything is arranged quite nice and simple.

Love this app but there is a problem right now!

This is such a great app but recently i can not go to my offers because it says I have a internet problem but my internet is fine. But I love this app! Please fix the app


Your app has a lot of problems one of them are i sign out and when i sign back in my points go down because it disconnects my Facebook and Instagram and when i go to connect them again then try to go to my other sport which is motocross and it is gone! So i have to then sign out again and log back on. Your computer website is fine but your app has a lot of problems!!


This is a good app. My only problem is they they don't have a canyoneering option in the sport. So I set it as climbing because it was the closest thing.

Great idea!

Love this apps concept! However it won't let me apply for sponsorships..so it's kinda pointless :/

Awesome app for action sports athletes!

Great app!!!! Really cool for action sports athletes to interact and get sponsored!!!! Super sweet how your Hookit Score updates daily and is connected with your other social media accounts to boost your score!!! Must have app for actions sports athletes!!!!

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